Words 4 Kids - Second

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Teachers say that there are 360 sight words Second Grade children need to know to be successful in Second Grade.

Summer is a great time to make sure your child spends a little time on school items.

Words For Kids - Second Grade has the 360 words that your child can practice saying this summer to get ready for Second Grade! And the great colors make it fun for the kids to use!

Repetition is the best way to memorize new words. With just a few minutes a day your child will quickly memorize the words by sight. Also, it is a great application for working with your child and helping them learn the words.

The application also track the number of words your child has practiced and how many minutes they have practiced. This makes it easy for you to track their progress and also allow you to set a number of minutes you want them to work daily.

Five minutes a day will make sure your child is learning the 360 words needed for Second Grade!

This application contains both Dolch Sight Words in addition to additional words added since the Dolch words were initially created. These words will make sure your child is ready for Second Grade and can quickly identify these 360 important words by sight.

Working with a parent is very important for learning to pronounce the word correctly. This application displays the words in random order so your child can say the word and you can give them feedback on how they are doing.

If by the time school starts your child can say these words then they will already know the needed words for Second Grade. Maybe at that point your child can start working on 3rd grade words.

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